Skittles October 2015

On 7th October we fielded a team to accept the challenge by Bournemouth Probus Ladies Club to a skittles match. The membership of the two clubs is about the same but the ladies showed up with a larger team. Problem solved by moving two of the ladies to play for us.  We played three games, and at the end of the first we were a mere one point ahead. Just as well that we had the place to ourselves because  the shouts of encouragement or teasing were getting louder and louder.  The games ended with our Probus team eleven points ahead of the ladies - a near run thing. Of course our two ladies declared that was just because they played so well.  It was a real  fun morning followed by a light lunch.

After lunch everyone took part in a three-lives sudden death. Cliff Cover was the easy winner.

I would encourage more of our members to have a go at this game - it's a good social occasion for very little cost. So watch out for details of the next match in February 2016.

Des Curtis