Skittles February 2015

Hoburne Park, Somerford was the venue for a skittles rematch with Verwood Probus on Wed 18 th February 2015.

The event was well attended with 28 Verwood members meeting 20 Bournemouth members and guests with a fairly equal number of ladies joining us for 4 rounds of club competition and a combined round of ‘Killer’ for individuals.

Hoburne  always tries its best to provide a well equipped and friendly venue and two lanes were in operation so each team had their own ‘home’ venue to compete on. Tea and coffee was available throughout and a well-deserved lunch break was catered for by the club with the general consensus that the food was a marked improvement over previous occasions.

The atmosphere and camaraderie between the combined attendees was excellent with an almost constant soundtrack throughout of laughter and applause interspersed with more than a few gasps at certain star players going on from a ‘strike’ to achieve bonus scores of 16 and 17 per round.

Generally scores were higher than normal and when averages over the 4 rounds were calculated Bournemouth achieved over 29 per player with Verwood just over 28 so ‘The Ashes’ have been returned to their rightful owner. The top scoring lady was Sue Foster who simply tore up the lanes with a string of fantastic scores and Eddie Craven carried off the Best Men’s title with amazingly consistent high scores in every round.

A very special thanks should be extended to Neil Foster for his sterling efforts in organising this event, recording scores and presenting prizes. A good time was had by all and thanks to Neil and everyone who participated from both clubs, the event will be scheduled to be repeated in the future.